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Traditionally, and as the movie suggests, a lot of Patels prefer to marry other Patels.Now, even though we all have the same last name, types of Patels (like Leva, Koli) differ depending on the area of Gujarat you're from.In 88 minutes, co-director/producer Geeta Patel (who is also Ravi's sister and has her own storyline within the documentary) shows Ravi trying everything, from South Asian dating sites to going to a Patel marital convention (yes, those exist).While nailing all the Patel stereotypes and making us fall in love with his absolutely adorable parents, Ravi gives audiences insight on what it means to find love and keep it.Actor, director and writer Ravi Patel, who has played a handful of Indian doctors on television, is the main lead of new a laugh-out-loud documentary about Patels finding love -- "Meet the Patels" -- which is screening at the 2014 Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival. With a majority of them living in Gujarat (located on the northwest coast of the country), as Ravi mentions, the Patel population is spread throughout North America as well. With only one real girlfriend (read: one real, white, red-headed girlfriend) and a bunch of dates that never work out, Ravi embarks on a journey many first-generation Indian-Americans/Canadians have to go through all the time: Have your parents find you the love of your life.A smart, kind, loving person, who also happens to be a Patel.With a mix of humour, sass and the math of trying to explain the Patel marriage situation to non-Patels, "Meet the Patels" is basically the documentary the rest of the Patel population was waiting for.1.Patels marry other Patels Don't be alarmed, this has nothing to do with incest.

It's a love story that has little to do with love and a lot to do with the process of finding it.

We also hear the joke about us not having to change our last name all the time, so get original, people! We can hide everything from our Patel parents We can go years and years and years without ever telling our parents about our relationships.

is a road trip into the kitchens, factories, temples, and farms of Asian Pacific America that explores how our relationship to food reflects our evolving community.

What exactly does food reflect about Asian Pacific Americans?

This documentary grapples with how family, tradition, faith, and geography shape our relationship to food.

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Viewers are introduced to the sushi king of Texas, the Sikh Temple of Oak Creek, Wisconsin and their weekly practice of langar, a communal meal open to anyone.