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I'm trying to work out and lose weight and be more healthy.Studio TRIGGER, known especially for making Kill la Kill (awesome show btw) will be participating in Anime Midwest! They've also made Little Witch Academia, which is highly recommended.

I'm Eric, a SWM, age 48, but doesn't look or act it, 5', 9" tall, 185 lbs., slim, short brown hair, hazel eyes, wears glasses, (YES, I am a geek; ever watch TRochester Minnesota Valkyriemecha 48 Man Seeking Women Heya, I'm a blunt, honest and open minded chickie.I'm unemployed, but I'm working on getting certified as pharmacy tech.The website is built to feature both community and individual user-to-user interaction.Users on the forums have come together to host a continous chatroom on Tinychat at and others have even started a wiki at Otaku_Wiki Everything is free, unlike traditional "dating" websites which charge monthly to send private messages to other users.It's a unique place for any website to be, but the anime dating niche has founds its place with Mai

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Every year more users have signed up than the last, searching for friendly nerds to talk to.

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