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This is a modern stereotype based on 19th century conceptions of Nonconformist choral music and 20th century male voice choirs, Eisteddfodau and arena singing, such as sporting events, but Wales has a history of music that has been used as a primary form of communication.

Wales has a history of folk music related to the Celtic music of countries such as Ireland and Scotland.

Bands and artists which have gained popularity include acts such as Man, Budgie, and solo artist John Cale in the early 1970s and solo artists Bonnie Tyler and Shakin' Stevens in the 1980s.

These were followed by a wave of acts in the 1990s and early 21st century which produced a credible Welsh 'sound' embraced by the public and the media press of Great Britain.

Modern Welsh folk musicians have sometimes reconstructed traditions which had been suppressed or forgotten, and have competed with imported and indigenous rock and pop trends.A tradition of brass bands dating from the Victorian era continues, particularly in the South Wales Valleys, with Welsh bands such as the Cory Band being one of the most successful in the world.The 20th century saw many solo singers from Wales become not only national but international stars.The 1960s saw the rise of two distinctive Welsh acts, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey, both of whom defined Welsh vocal styles for several generations.In more modern times there has been a thriving musical scene.

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