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Adult profile pic

Choosing a Facebook profile photo is very serious business.

It's the visual that will greet high school acquaintances, jealous exes, and your parents' friends when they search you out.

And while there are some sub-genres and lesser known variations, most of the pictures on the social networking behemoth fall into one of these categories.

How to Spot It: A clear photo of the subject from the waist (or higher) up and includes the entire face.

The image you project is entirely determined by your photo choice.

While people think that the photo they choose is some sort of individual statement, they're usually wrong.

Here are the 10 most misguided approaches that people take when picking out a profile photo.

Each sends out all sorts of information that the person may not have intended.

If it is a self portrait, you are slightly annoying.

What It Says About You: You are a private person who doesn't want any old gawker knowing what the hell you look like.

You are probably slightly shy and reserved until people get to know you.

Either that or you got fat or had a botched Lasik surgery and you don't want the mean girls from college knowing about your gut/lazy eye.

If the photo is of you in your bathing suit, you are probably hot and insecure.

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How to Spot It: The subject is so far from the camera that you can discern there is a person in the frame, but can't pick out any details of his face or appearance.

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