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Adult granny dating sussex uk

If you can throw further light on the photograph, please e-mail TACA.'My name is Daisy Caroline Blythe, née Parris, and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1937.

My father, Alfred Leonard James Parris, was in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and married my mother, Georgette Eugenie Youssief, who, according to her birth certificate, was Palestinian, although she, too, was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

(Incidentally, all my mother's family were Roman Catholics.)In 1942, my mother and her children were evacuated to South Africa; my father stayed in Egypt. I have five sisters, including: Valerie, born near Cairo, Egypt (1938); Leonora, born in Palestine (1940); and Christine, born in Alexandria, Egypt (1947); the last two were born in the UK. After docking in Liverpool, we stayed in a hostel on Lime Street Station (in transit).

TACA HOMELIVES & TIMESON THE MOVEPOSTINGSACCOMMODATIONHEALTHCARE & HOSPITALSSCHOOLINGMEMORIES & MISCELLANEAFAMOUS ARMY CHILDRENHISTORY MATTERS1914–18FORGOTTEN FACESARMY CHILDREN'S GRAVESCURRENT & RECENT RESEARCHLINKS & LITERATURECONTRIBUTING & CONDITIONSCONTACT TACATACA LATEST 'My father was a native of Scotland, in the [East India] Company's service; my mother was a Rajpootree, the daughter of a zamindar . Written on the back is 'My gang, Sept 1935, Katapahar, Darjeeling, Bengal'. The photograph shows Michael's father, John Few, who was in the Royal Signals, sitting on some stone steps with a large group of children aged between around two to seven years. My father then an ensign into whose hands she fell, treated her with great kindness, and she bore him six children, three girls and three boys.Michael thinks that his father's duties may have included acting as a caretaker at a school in Katapahar, and is keen to learn more. This was during the late 1970s, when the IRA was targeting British soldiers serving in Germany.'Michael Few has sent TACA a family photograph (shown here) with a request for help: 'If anyone recognises themselves in this photograph, I would love to hear from you'.

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The former were all married to gentlemen in the Company's service; my elder brother, David, went to sea; I myself became a soldier, and my younger brother, Robert, followed my example.' 'I remember my father leaving the house and then checking under the car for a bomb before driving to work each morning.

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