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Before you go, you will have to sign a waiver stating you are volunteering to do this so the company is not liable and does not need to pay you. Keeps calling and since I'm getting so many solicitation calls I'm screening my calls so this number calls and hangs up. Thinking seriously about disconnecting my land line.

After that, if any of this junkie stuff sounds like a good job, you will probably be 1 of 1, maybe another person may want to still do it. DWI received a phone call from this -- from Ontario, CA. Also, if this call went to a cell phone, it is against the law.

Because it went across state lines, it is also against the law. I have received many different messages from Joseph all asking me to call him back at () -. I have looked up the number as well as the company and have found a great number of people have received the same calls and have verified that the company is only seeking to cash in on your personal information.

Keep in mind, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I hope this helps anyone who gets their hopes up really high for this job because of what they have told them. The call is from Big Bear area and caller won't identify just says an agent will be with you in a minute and hangs up. I am going to send it to the FCC, my State attorney, and the FTC. I received a call from this number but did not answer. According to the voice mail, the caller was a man named Joseph of Frontier Financial Group.

Automated female computer voice stating my debit card had been blocked for supsicous activity. Never identifed the bank it was calling for and any of my personal information. Caller ID shows up as Atlanta GA Recieved call hit answer as i was expecting a dr return call ssme area code. I redialed 2x and it hung up each time after a ring or two. The more of us that do this, then they may be investigated. He was informing me that he was performing an audit and this was an attempt to collect a debt.

They will use fancy words like "Liason" or "Fortune 500".

It will most likely be a 3-part interview process (I went through the entire thing and they even offered me a job). 1 interview may be over the phone or in person in which the questions are very standard. No one in their right mind who is looking for a job would say Lazy. The 2nd interview will most likely tell you about the company.

Drop you off in the middle of an industrial park and you will have to go solicitating (boarder line illegally) to companies.

", the typical responds (yes I have done many interviews with companies like these) is, "It is difficult for me to explain". When call log checked the number dialed came up as () -. --Alan Clark left message on my voice mail at residence. of Legal Affairs and "someone" had filed "something" against me and he could help me straighten it out. I'll get on that right away Alan or whoever you are. Really, really bad accent and difficult to understand.After that they will most likely want you to come back for a day where you will go out into the field(soliciate at companies) and do sales there. Had to listen to message or times just to figure out what he was saying~What a scam.If you listen closely, they wont tell you exactly what you will do, rather what the company is.If you keep pressing the issue and ask them, "what would be a common day be like for me? Rialto Avenue, Rialto, CA, () - Artist that performs, sell merchandise (albums, tshirts), studio time bookings, market and promote for artist as well as yourself Recording Studio, Musician Studio, Music Recording Studio, Recording and Rehearsal Studio, Production Studio Rehearsal Studio, Entertainer Promotion, Artist Promotion Service, Artist Promotion Company, Music Records, Music Record Labels, Music Recording Company, Production Recording Studio , Musician Recording Studio, Music Production Studio guy is [***] he said he wanted a place to live for two months; however he did't want to pay the last months rent, and then acted like I was the bad guy, Frank Ying Chen your life is over SIN No.This is what I found on them: They are also known as Prestige Inc, DDM, Davis Direct Marketing, Difference Defined Marketing,

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It is a company where they search for quantity rather than quality of employees. Basically, one day you will come in, they tell you that you will be selling golf coupons to companies.