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2nd anniversary dating ideas

Don’t forget that these ideas can be mixed and matched, catered to your needs, and you can always add a personal touch.

Obviously your spouse has his own tastes, and not everything is for everyone!

Cotton (or something that can reasonably be referred to as cotton, we’re not sticklers here!

) ideas for your consideration: Cotton Sheets If you didn’t receive any new sheets for your wedding, or if you received one set and have discovered how truly divine they are, invest in more. Pillowcases The pair in the picture are pillow fighting dinosaurs. Sure, you could also opt for something more pedestrian, or some of the cute couples pillowcases we’ve curated in the past. Duvet Cover Don’t worry, we’re almost done with the bedding theme! High quality towels are frequently available at discount houseware stores, and readily available online.

There are ideas for every budget in here (assuming your budget is at least one dollar.

Generic cotton buds are a dollar at the dollar store.).

Plus, when you find yourself married to one, there are a great number of gift giving occasions in the annual trip around the sun. I know that I struggle to come up with new things all the time, without overloading our home with “stuff” that we may or may not need.

Now cotton anniversary gifts: Cotton is one of the ways to make canvas, along with hemp and linen.

Be warned, this can be construed as a “you bought this for you” kind of gift. A nice, soft and comfy new duvet cover is awesome to have. It’s for the higher end budgets, but goody golly are they delightful. Car seat covers If your spouse loves his car, or if you have small progeny who like to throw things in the car, consider picking up some car seat covers.

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There’s something about shopping for gifts for men; it just isn’t easy.

It opens up a great number of possibilities for gifts for your fellow.

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Cotton can also be found in certain paper, Q tips and around 47 other ideas listed below.

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