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Three debutants shot the first commercial short length documentary films in the same year, and in 2007 fiveshort length and three full length films were shot. As in othercountries, manuscripts are a precious part of our intellectual tradition.

The activity of the studio "Debut" has been restored. Their development in Azerbaijan was linked with the rise ofpaper-making.

Among manuscripts copied inthe 13th century, Nizami's "Iskendername" (1233) is in a private library in Tehran, the "Treasury of Secrets" (1239) is in the India Office Library in London, and Khatib Tebrizi's "Sharkhi-divan-khaman" (1256), Alaaddin Djuveyni's "Mongolian Story" and Ibn Behtushi's "Maafil al-kheyvan" (1297-1298) are in collections in other parts of the world.

3-4 full-length features, 4-5 documentaries, 1-2animated films are shot and newsreel footage for the national film archive is executed.

The independent producer companies, engaging in the production of preview trailers, musicalclips, and realization of moderate cinematographic projects have been established.Practically the only source of funding in Azerbaijan today is the state, which commissions films from the state studios: features from Azerbaijanfilm,documentaries from Salname and Yaddash, animated films from Azanfilm, Debut.However, the activity of private investors decreased, and the reason was that films fail to yield the expected returns. Insucceeding years films of moderate cost, shot on private sources began to appear in the markets.Fifteen full-length featurefilms were made on private money between 19. At the moment, 2-3 short documentary films arespasmodically funded ever year from private sources.The founding of paper-making workshops in Tebriz - the country's cultural centre from the 8th to the 13th century - encouragedthe copying of inscriptions from many ancient monuments and produced priceless masterpieces.

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